sobota, 13 sierpnia 2016

Our fourth day was full of fun activities as well as serious work.

We started our morning session with a game of Princesses and Castles and then proceeded with some focus time. We were explained how to prepare our prevention programmes by Agnieszka and Martyna, grouped ourselfs (without any issues!!!) and came up with some first ideas within our groups.
The game of evolution is worth mentioning because of he oustanding performance of one of us - Denis, who unfortunately did n...
ot go beyond the first step of the evolution, making everyone cry from laughter.
After lunch each person was able to decide what she or he wanted to do. The biggest part of the programme wanted to play some sports and games, the other went around the city to find a spot for our street campaign. The last group chose to work on our prevention projects.
At 9pm we gathered to enjoy the German evening, which was very informative and fun. We learned many things (twenty five to be exact!) That we did not know about this country. After some snacks we played the games of the Silent post, did a dance to the German song and played beerpong, where Ukrainian team proved to be unbeatble (not without my help, I must admit). Thank you very much, the German team, for organising the evening for us! We are very excited to see what the Ukrainian team is going to present:)
Have a good day everyone😻😻😻

- Wiola

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