niedziela, 30 kwietnia 2017

1st International meeting "Start now!"

Just a week ago, we have finished our first international meeting, which was held in Opole, in Poland, between 21st and 24th of April. During that get-together, we have officially start our project, frame of which is ERASMUS+ Program with Key Action 2: Strategic Partnership between European NGOs.
During those intensive, but very resultful days we had managed to set formally our partnership by signing internal agreement between our organizations. We draft future steps and plan timetable of the rest of our project, which is originally planned for almost 2 years (till the end of 2018). Now just after this superb meeting we are truly believe that fallowing two years will be outstanding for our partnership and the final outcomes will exceed our assumptions.
In few words our project’s main idea is to teach young people about health. But we would like to do it rather by giving them tool for non-formal learning, than just presenting facts and clues, like it is commonly in health education. For this purpose, we invent an innovative method of non-formal education based on modules system. And now, after project started, we will work on that method to make it easy, useful and, what is most important, interesting to youth.
Background of our partnership is strong cooperation between our organizations that now have lasted from 3 years. During this gathering, we have got to know each other even better. Bulgarian team was represented by Joanna Dochevska and Kalinka Gudarovska, Cyprus – by Ifigenia Katchie and Konstantina Katsie, HOPP - by Martyna Jaros and Piotr Jaros.