wtorek, 6 września 2016

DRIVE – Develop Rewarding, Inspiring Values for Everyone who participates


Training Course "DRIVE" is finished now!

We would like to thank to Bulgarian Sport Development Association for such wonderful experience :-)

Report from the project below.

"The project took place from 20/08/2016 to 28/08/2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Altogether, 34 people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Spain took part in this project. Taking part in this project was a big opportunity for us to show and share our skills and abilities, take knowledge and experience from another participants as well. It was our first project in which took a part people from different age and status and that's really useful, because we could learn from them a lot of new and create in ourselves the ability to cooperate, to integrate, to work in team with different personalities. We have taught a lot during this project including making decision' process, new methods of non formal education, developing our leader skills, improving our English as well. We have learned what mean education through sport and how we can use sport activities in real life. During the project we were creating sport activities by themselves, discussing about different topics related with healthy life, education and sport. Also we tried to create our own international project in short time what was so interesting and excited, but in the same time, the most complex challenge because we worked under the pressure of deadline. It helped to improve ourselves and open our new opportunities. The great idea was to organize culture`s evening, because all countries had an opportunity to show a beauty of their culture and to understand another culture`s more deeply what directly helped to us with creation of one integrated team. Also we shared information about our organizations and showed our goals, inspiration and motivation. We are thankful for giving to us the opportunity to be a part of this project".

Polish team from HOPP


Here is also the link to the project website

środa, 24 sierpnia 2016

Project "Youth & Fit Energy" came to an end...


"Youth & Fit Energy" was a trilateral youth exchange in the frame of Erasmus + Programme (key action 1). Young people from 3 partner cities: Opole (Poland), Potsdam (Germany), and Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine) all together met in Opole on 9-17th of August 2016. Main topic of the project was health promotion. During 9 days participants took part in many non-formal activities and team games. One of the main events was Oxford debate on the health of urban citizens organized in the Town Hall of Opole. The debate was preceded by a presentation on health and hygiene of urban life throughout history, organized by the Polish participants on the occasion of 800 - anniversary of the Opole city. During the exchange, participants have been working together on prevention program aimed at people with cardiovascular disease. They confronted ideas with experts and built draft of program’s implementation. They have learnt also what culture is, and during informal learning, they have sensed what is multiculturalism. All activities were carried out in the spirit of non-formal education.



sobota, 13 sierpnia 2016

Our fourth day was full of fun activities as well as serious work.

We started our morning session with a game of Princesses and Castles and then proceeded with some focus time. We were explained how to prepare our prevention programmes by Agnieszka and Martyna, grouped ourselfs (without any issues!!!) and came up with some first ideas within our groups.
The game of evolution is worth mentioning because of he oustanding performance of one of us - Denis, who unfortunately did n...
ot go beyond the first step of the evolution, making everyone cry from laughter.
After lunch each person was able to decide what she or he wanted to do. The biggest part of the programme wanted to play some sports and games, the other went around the city to find a spot for our street campaign. The last group chose to work on our prevention projects.
At 9pm we gathered to enjoy the German evening, which was very informative and fun. We learned many things (twenty five to be exact!) That we did not know about this country. After some snacks we played the games of the Silent post, did a dance to the German song and played beerpong, where Ukrainian team proved to be unbeatble (not without my help, I must admit). Thank you very much, the German team, for organising the evening for us! We are very excited to see what the Ukrainian team is going to present:)
Have a good day everyone😻😻😻

- Wiola

piątek, 12 sierpnia 2016

"Sorry for a little bit late, but polish evening was great" :-)

Third day was so exciting and interesting. It started from Oxford Debate,which was organized in the Rathaus. The topic of the debate was about pros and cons of living in a big city. All participants were prepared well and gave a lot of arguments to detent their stands. The debate was won by the group of opposers - they stand was that it is better not to live in a big city. At the afternoon was the time for open ...space. Each nation prepared and showed presentation about their universities and activities,that they do there in everyday basis. After dinner polish group did presentation about history and culture in Poland. There was also degustation of polish food and drinks. Most of people had much fun during activities like 'Kaczuchy dance' or running around the chairs. The party continued to the very late time during night

- Ivan


czwartek, 11 sierpnia 2016

Good morning everyone 🌞

time to get out of the bed and be productive 😅🙄
I bet everyone would like to sleep even longer..
But anyways..

Yesterday we had our second day of the Erasmus project and it felt like a looong exhausting day!
BUT we also had a lot of fun, in my opinion.

2nd day: firstly we started with a funny energizer by Sophia. Talked about our experiences about the city game and compared our results. Our morning session consisted of a task while working in groups with the topic: stereotypes. Moreover we talked about prejudices and discrimination and compared our stereotypes to each country and talked about their definition.
In between we were playing games like "the old lady" and failed miserably 😅 But we got better !👌🏼
In the afternoon we were beginning to prepare the Oxford debate. Choose whose in a team together, and work on the speeches..
Eventually we were supposed to work on our "open space" in the national teams in the evening.

That's it guys! Hope were all having a great 3rd day. Don't forget your secret friends 😉, (p.s. Thank you for the sweets secret friend 😋) And see ya all at breakfast 🍳🍴

- Lisa


środa, 10 sierpnia 2016

Goooooood morning, sunshines! :)

Yesterday we had first official day of the project during which we tried to get to know each other, learn the names while playing name-games, communicate in different ways,discover the city of Opole by playing a city game (there is no bad weather in the weather ) Every our activity shows that the participants are open-minded, ready to be involved into something and share their ideas and beliefs
We wish you loooots of inner and outer war...mth.
Be creative and remember about secret friends, everybody wants some attention!
Daily group n.1

p.s. Photos and videos from the previous day are uploaded into the group, you can watch and "like" them
p.p.s. use
‪#‎YFE2016‬ when you post something, let's make our activities more visible

- Sofija


piątek, 1 lipca 2016

You are not alone!

You are not alone!
22.06.2016 – 29.06.2016
Negresti-Oas, Romania

THE ASSOCIATION FOR SUPPORT AND DEVELOPMENT OAS LAND  in cooperation with HOPP just finished new project. We are happy to announce that project was a success and we would like to thank our friend from Romania.

Here is the project description

The aim of this project is to raise awareness of the measures that can be taken in order to overcome the negative effects on the children that have parents who are working abroad: insecurity, abandonment, sucidal tendencies etc. Moreover, this project is also a journey to self discovery and growing talents.

The main objective of the project is to stop the negative effects of the migration of the parents left abroad to work, and taking decisions easier regarding personal and professional matters.

Through setting up a Friendship Club and implementing a Behaviour Code, the participants will demonstrate that the friendship they built throughout this experience will continue after the mobility and that despite the age differences, there are rules and principles that must be respected by each and every one of them.

The personal development workshops, the imagination exercises, will result in selfknowledge and understanding of the talents they have. In this way the youngsters will take decisions easily concerning their personal and professional lives.

Through the reflection sessions and the non-formal methods of learning on subjects regarding the situation of the parents left abroad to work, the youngsters will understand better the impact of this situation on the childern left at home alone.

The culinary entrepreneurship activity will improve the sense of responsibility of the 40 participants, but will also make them learn the basic information on running a business.

The YNA project involves 40 participants from 5 european countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic.



czwartek, 2 czerwca 2016

Youth & Fit Energy

From 9 to 17 of August HOPP association will organize new project "Youth & Fit Energy" :)
Here is the logo of the project!

Move for health II

From 13 to 20 of May we participated in the project "Move for health" part II under Erasmus + Programme, organized by CSA from Italy. The exchange took place in Lignano Sabbiadorro. The project engaged 35 young people from 5 different European countries. Main topic of the project was healthy lifestyle.
Here you can read a special report written by one of polish participants (Michał) who described the exchange day by day :)
Special thanks to organizers and polish team!
Some photos