środa, 10 sierpnia 2016

Goooooood morning, sunshines! :)

Yesterday we had first official day of the project during which we tried to get to know each other, learn the names while playing name-games, communicate in different ways,discover the city of Opole by playing a city game (there is no bad weather in the weather ) Every our activity shows that the participants are open-minded, ready to be involved into something and share their ideas and beliefs
We wish you loooots of inner and outer war...mth.
Be creative and remember about secret friends, everybody wants some attention!
Daily group n.1

p.s. Photos and videos from the previous day are uploaded into the group, you can watch and "like" them
p.p.s. use
‪#‎YFE2016‬ when you post something, let's make our activities more visible

- Sofija


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