wtorek, 6 września 2016

DRIVE – Develop Rewarding, Inspiring Values for Everyone who participates


Training Course "DRIVE" is finished now!

We would like to thank to Bulgarian Sport Development Association for such wonderful experience :-)

Report from the project below.

"The project took place from 20/08/2016 to 28/08/2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Altogether, 34 people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Spain took part in this project. Taking part in this project was a big opportunity for us to show and share our skills and abilities, take knowledge and experience from another participants as well. It was our first project in which took a part people from different age and status and that's really useful, because we could learn from them a lot of new and create in ourselves the ability to cooperate, to integrate, to work in team with different personalities. We have taught a lot during this project including making decision' process, new methods of non formal education, developing our leader skills, improving our English as well. We have learned what mean education through sport and how we can use sport activities in real life. During the project we were creating sport activities by themselves, discussing about different topics related with healthy life, education and sport. Also we tried to create our own international project in short time what was so interesting and excited, but in the same time, the most complex challenge because we worked under the pressure of deadline. It helped to improve ourselves and open our new opportunities. The great idea was to organize culture`s evening, because all countries had an opportunity to show a beauty of their culture and to understand another culture`s more deeply what directly helped to us with creation of one integrated team. Also we shared information about our organizations and showed our goals, inspiration and motivation. We are thankful for giving to us the opportunity to be a part of this project".

Polish team from HOPP


Here is also the link to the project website