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Next step to healthy Europe

Our next healhy project!

20-28th of September in Zakopane was held our youth exchange under the Erasmus + Programme called “Next step to healthy Europe”. Participants were from 4 European countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Lithuania and Poland in total number 34 young people. Main topic of the exchange was connected with health promotion, especially in the field of patient’s rights. During 9 working days participants have learnt how to build and implement a health campaign among local society (in that purpose they used several IT skills). They shared their knowledge about first aid in advanced cases. All activities were provided in non - formal education methods. As a results participants prepared patient’s rights codex and implemented after the exchange among their local societies. Another effect was the project’s mind map, which have been preparing constantly during everyday evaluation and in the end it showed every piece of health aspect of the whole project.
Group photo


Promotion of EHIC

Promotion of EHIC
Our questionnaire

Workshop on constructing the survey

Patients' rights codex

Patients' rights codex
First aid

First aid
Mind map - day 1
Mind map - day 5

Mind map - day 6
Final evaluation

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