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Journey into Finance

Journey into Finance
Romania - Titu - 19.07-31.07.2015

Our Association was the partner in the Romanian project called "Journey into finance". During the project was organized 2 activities: training course and youth exchange. The project was organized by Dar Development Association and was financed from Erasmus + Programme.

"Project Journey into Finance, wasn't only about the financial subjects. It was also about exploring other cultures and making new friendships. We spent twelve amazing days in Romania with people from Coratia, Turkey, Bulgaria and Italy. We visited many wonderful places like the capital city of Romania - Bukarest, Dracula castle, Brasov and many others. We had plenty of fun, but we also have learnt new things. After these two weeks starting your own business or management your house expenses isn't that scary anymore. I think that the whole polish group was really satisfied after this exchange and if we will have another opportunity to go there once again and do all these things one more time we are ready!" (Zuzia - one of the participants)

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